cPRIME Bracelet and Band

Yeah, a lot of elite celebrities and pro athletes are wearing cPRIME. So, what is it?

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cPRIME develops fashion-forward performance wear that can change your life at the speed of light. cPRIME, together with Evolv products, help you feel better and look better, giving you more confidence

More and more people are choosing preventative health and trying to life a healthier, active lifestyle. But it isn’t easy. Many people spend several hours a day hunched over, sitting in front of a computer or sitting in their car. But don’t be fooled by cheap imitation products.

c-Prime can help.

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The stylish c PRIME Bands are made from surgical-grade polyurethane. The NEO Bracelets are adjustable. The clasp is made of stainless steel and features a magnetic locking mechanism. The Ladies NEO Bracelet features a sliding clap that locks into place. The BURN bands come in four sizes (small, medium, large, x-large) without a clasp. These slide onto your wrist and are stretchable. There are several colors to choose from (with more coming soon). You can Buy c-PRIME Bracelets individually or in multi-packs. More product lines are scheduled to release in the future.

cPRIME Performance Wear

The c-PRIME technology is non-transdermal, meaning nothing enters the body through the skin. So, there are no negative side effects or unnatural chemicals. It’s safe for kids and adults of all ages. Get the most out of your workouts and your daily activities with cPRIME. Discover the dramatic difference over other energy bracelets and balance bracelets that fall short in effectiveness and quality.

Professional athletes, coaches, celebrities, stay-at-home moms and everyday people looking for a natural way to reach their peak performance level have been spotted all over America wearing c PRIME Bracelets, taking advantage of tremendous effects on performance.

cPRIME Convenience

Adults and kids can wear c-PRIME Bracelets while:

Working out

Playing sports

At work

At school

At home

Put on your cPRIME Bracelet any time you need to maximize your performance. Click here to Buy c PRIME Products.

cPRIME Opportunity

Earn Money with a cPRIME Business

If you’re looking to earn some extra cash (and who’s not?), or maybe to replace your full-time income, EvolvHealth offers a unique home-based business opportunity. When you join cPRIME you can start selling cPRIME bands through word-of-mouth network marketing or online with your own c-PRIME website.

Recruit other people to the business and earn money off of their sales as you help them grow their business. Helping them build their Evolv business benefits both of you. Click here to learn more about starting your own Evolv business.

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