What is the Evolv e84 Challenge?

Lose weight, increase your workouts or get more energy with the Evolv e84 Challenge. e84 is a coordinated program of tools, guidance and support that provides you the means and motivation to achieve personal goals and break those persistent bad habits that create stress, illness and financial strain in your life. There are three areas of the Challenge that you can choose to take part in.


e84 BURN
This program has one purpose: to help you lose weight. Whether it’s a few pounds or a hundred, the BURN84 Plan is designed to help you to shed pounds, getting you closer to your ideal body composition. The BURN84 Challenge is best done before the FUEL Challenge, which is the next stage in achieving your best health, weight and fitness possible.

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e84 FUEL
Are you somewhat active but want more energy, or are you reasonably close to your perfect body image but just need a little support to finally lose those last couple of pounds? If you’re “almost there,” then taking the FUEL84 Challenge will give you that one last boost, allowing you to enjoy the power of that final transformation to your ideal energy and fitness level.

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e84 EDGE
Are you an athlete, extremely active, or simply dedicated to an aggressive fitness schedule that allows you to remain in perfect physical form? Or maybe you’ve completed your FUEL84 and you’re ready to make the leap to a highly active lifestyle that will earn you the kind of fitness and conditioning that most people only dream of achieving. The EDGE84 Challenge can provide you with the energy and guidance necessary to support a vigorously active fitness regimen.

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