cPRIME Performance Wear

cPRIME is releasing its life-changing, patented technology in the booming performance wear market. There are currently three stylish product lines with many different colors to choose from. Many people call these types of products balance bracelets or energy bracelets. However, cPRIME customers are experiencing much more with this unique technology and eye-catching product. Elite celebrities and top pro athletes are wearing c PRIME bracelets for the impact, quality and eye appeal.

cPRIME NEO Bracelet

This is the one that stated it all. cPRIME’s first product of fashion-forward performance wear is being worn by everyone from elite celebrities to professional athletes to stay-at-home moms to elderly people seeking a natural way to improve their overall performance. The NEO Bracelet is made of durable, surgical-grade polyurethane with a stainless steel clasp with a magnetic locking mechanism.

There are several different colors to choose from to go with whatever you’re wearing on a certain day, no matter if you’re working out or dressing up for a party. There are two sizes, but each can be cut down to fit your wrist:

Regular size: 8.5 inches long

XL size: 9.5 inches long

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cPRIME NEO Women’s Bracelet

A slimmer, sleeker version of the NEO Bracelet, the cPRIME Women’s Bracelet line was created with female fashion in mind. This performance wear features a sliding clasp and a thinner band. It has the same technology as the NEO Bracelet. It is fully adjustable, and each bracelet comes with sizing instructions.

These performance wear bracelets come in several attractive colors, with more releasing in the future. Current colors include (outside/inside/clasp):






The BURN Sports Band

You may have seen NBA All-Star Dwight Howard wearing The BURN Sports Band while he’s dominating on the court. These durable yet smooth bands were created for the more active lifestyle, but are applicable for anyone. They slide onto the wrist without a clasp. They are the perfect performance wear for working out, swimming or just running errands. Those seeking a balance bracelet should strongly consider The BURN. It does not have to fit tightly on your wrist to work. The BURN Sports Band comes in four sizes:

Small: (160mm) For kids or women with very small wrists

Medium: (180mm) Mainly for women or men with smaller wrists

Medium/Large: (190mm) The “average” size for most men and some women

Large: (205mm) For men with slightly larger wrists

X-Large: (220mm) For men with large wrists

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