Got some questions about cPRIME? We’ve got answers.

c PRIME Products and Technology

Who is c PRIME and what do they do?
c PRIME develops fashion-forward performance wear products built around powerful proprietary technology that can change your life, at the speed of light. Try it for yourself and feel the power of cPRIME.

What’s the technology behind c-PRIME?
Every biochemical event in the human body is preceded by an exchange of electrons which occurs at the microscopic level. Peak performance of the human body relies on a coordinated and ordered progression of these microscopic electrical events. c-PRIME products incorporate a proprietary patent-pending technology that acts as a bioantenna, altering the way your body interacts with its electromagnetic environment, which may help to balance and optimize biological responses.

What is the difference between cPRIME and Powerbalance?
Powerbalance uses holograms embedded with frequencies that try to react with your bodies energy field. cPRIME uses a patent pending light based nano-technology that acts as a bio-antenna altering the way your body interacts with its electro-magnetic environment.

Is cPRIME safe for children?

Can cPRIME be harmful to the body in any way?
No, cPRIME does not emit anything that can be harmful, it strictly acts as a bio-antenna.

Do you have to be wearing the c PRIME Neo bracelet to see the benefits of the bracelet?
Yes. The results from the c PRIME Neo bracelet are instantaneous, and diminish when the bracelet is not worn or within proximity of the wearer. There are no residual benefits that occur over time from wearing that bracelet.

After placing an order, when will it be shipped out?
All orders are processed within the next two business days. If an order is placed on a Friday, the order will be sent either Monday or Tuesday, providing that it is not a nationally recognized holiday. Delivery times will then depend on your selected shipping method.

Joining cPRIME

Do I need to become a Distributor in order to purchase cPRIME products?
By becoming a Distributor, you can purchase cPRIME products at wholesale price. You can also sign up as a retail customer or preferred customer. As a retail customer, you can purchase products from an existing Distributor at the Retail price. Signing up as a preferred customer allows you to purchase products at a 10% discount off the Retail price, and you are required to remain enrolled in AutoShip

What is a preferred customer?
A Preferred Customer enrolls as a customer in the cPRIME USA LLC database and can purchase products. The Preferred Customer pays Retail minus 10% discount and is required to be on Autoship, but is not eligible to participate in the companies Compensation Plan.

What type of Compensation Plan does cPRIME use?
c PRIME uses a binary Compensation Plan, meaning you are compensated based on building two successful teams. c PRIME’s Compensation Plan has been designed as one of the most rewarding and innovative plans in the industry with several ways to earn commissions, including: Retail Sales, Dual-Team Bonuses, Matching Bonuses, Leadership Pools and more.

What happens if I become inactive by not ordering product? Do I lose my accumulated volume, position in the tree, and/or downline organization?
If you become inactive by not placing an order every 28 day cycle, you will lose your accumulated Bonus Volume. Your position in the tree and downline organization will remain intact.

Can I choose what day I would like my autoship to be run on? If it lands on a weekend or holiday, will my order go out the day before or after the normal ship date?
It is best to have your AutoShip placed on a weekday for shipping purposes. However, if your AutoShip order lands on a Saturday or Sunday, your order will be processed the following business day.

What is the lowest AutoShip someone can sign up for?
An AutoShip order can consist of any amount of our products. When enrolling in AutoShip, you may choose which product amount you would like to purchase.

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