Are cPRIME Bracelets Waterproof?

A lot of people have been asking lately if the cPRIME bracelets are waterproof. The answer is, yes and no.

There are two types of cPRIME bracelets: NEO and BURN. The BURN bands are made of silicone and are completely waterproof. They can be worn while playing sports, while swimming and even in the shower. In fact, the BURN was made for the active wearer in mind. If you play sports, work out, swim or sweat during your job, the BURN is a perfect option for you. It’s lighter than the NEO, generally more comfortable and the technology works the same. One band is not more effective than the other.

The NEO band is also waterproof, but the stainless steel or brass clasp (depending on the color you get) can rust over time. The small screws that attach the clasp to the band can also rust over time. The band itself is made of a surgical-grade polyurethane and is waterproof. The NEO is more fashionable and comes in a wider variety of colors. It is designed more for everyday wear.

So no matter what cPRIME you choose, use these tips if you plan to be in the water or very active. For more information about cPRIME or EvolvHealth, visit

cPRIME BURN Sports Band

cPRIME Merges with EvolvHealth

cPRIME and EvolvHealth announced today the two companies have merged. Over the past several months, cPRIME has launched several new products and attracted many unpaid celebrity and athlete endorsements. Now the company joins EvolvHealth, a direct-selling company that has set a new standard in the industry.

Evolv’s mission is to provide distributors with the support and resources necessary to become empowered in their lives by achieving health and financial security. Its vision is to help 8.4 million people to reach their fitness and wellness goals. Evolv’s mission and vision perfectly complement cPRIME’s commitment to developing high-performance products that impact lives around the globe.

The owners of Evolv and cPRIME agree that over the last few years both companies have been traveling on parallel paths using the ideal vehicle to share incredible products and opportunity. These two paths have now converged, providing an unprecedented opportunity for two multi-level marketing powerhouses to collaboratively move forward together.

Evolv’s patent-pending products have certainly gained attention in the industry and are widely known for their advanced, revolutionary nutritional benefits. The company’s extensive line of science-based, efficacious products and its corresponding e84 Challenge align synergistically with cPRIME’s performance wear product line. cPRIME will offer Evolv distributors an additional level of performance to propel them in achieving optimal fitness and wellness.

Evolv, like cPRIME, has an outstanding group of talent that provide the cornerstone of its e84 Programs, sharing real results and demonstrating sustainable benefits. World-renowned researchers and health/science professionals developed Evolv’s products and fitness programs to create a proven system to yield results.

For more on cPRIME and Evolv, check

cPRIME Releases National Rifle Association (NRA) Signature Camo Bracelets

cPRIME has partnered with the National Rifle Association (NRA) to produce a line of cPRIME bracelets in the signature series. These performance wear bracelets are the latest in the signature series which also features the Dwight Howard D12 bands and the Gary LeVox bands.

There are three bracelets – a NEO style featuring the camo/orange color combo, a ladies NEO featuring a pink camo color, and a BURN band with a black/white/gray digi camo design. All three have the NRA Country logo.

cPRIME has been very popular among hunters and gun enthusiasts for the technology’s ability to influence stability, which comes in handy when you’re needing a steady aim to take down your target.

As more big-name athletes, celebrities and companies tie their name to cPRIME products, the company continues to expand the product line and business opportunity to independent distributors. For more on cPRIME and the new NRA bands, visit

cPRIME Bracelet NRA

cPRIME Holiday 12-Pack – Save More Than 50%

Just in time for the Holiday shopping season, cPRIME has announced a special 2011 Holiday Dozen Pack including 12 cPRIME BURN bands of different styles, colors and sizes. The best news: this Holiday pack is more than 50% off the retail price.

This pack has cPRIME bracelets for kids and adults on your list. The regular retail price for these 12 bands is $690. But you can buy this pack now for $325. But distributors can buy the pack for $250. It is even part of the cPRIME C3 System, so distributors can even get their pack for free when they enroll three other distributors who also buy a Holiday pack.

For more information on cPRIME, products and the opportunity to own your own cPRIME business, visit

cPRIME 2011 Holiday Pack

1 Burn-2388 – Charcoal/Black Sm
1 Burn-2265 – Red/Black Sm
1 Burn-2432 – White/Frost M
1 Burn-2340 – Frost/Black M
1 Burn-2395 – Charcoal Black M
1 Burn-2852 – Black/Black M/L
1 Burn-LeVox-2968 – Levox White/Red M/L
1 Burn-2326 – Violet/Black L
1 Burn-2449 – White/Frost L
1 Burn-D12-2708 – D12 Iceblue/Frost L
1 Burn-2371 – Frost/Black XL
1 Burn-2296 – Red/Black XL

cPRIME Partners with EBOOST to Market Healthy Energy Drink

The energy drink market meets the performance wear market, as cPRIME is partnering with EBOOST to market and sell a line of energy drinks. cPRIME has carved a large piece out of the performance wear market with its bracelets and bands containing its patent-pending antenna array. EBOOST produces energy products with a mission to deliver natural stamina, immunity, recovery and focus, all while promoting health and fitness.

EBOOST’s natural energy focuses on Green Tea, Vitamins and Super Nutrients. Product plans include an energy drink shot and a powder drink mix. cPRIME plans to release the drinks in the fourth quarter of 2011. Together, cPRIME and EBOOST have attracted the attention of athletes and celebrities such as Dwight Howard, Alex Rodriguez, Oprah Winfrey, Heidi Klum, Amar’e Stoudemire, Jackie Chan and many others.

No price point has been set for these new products, but they will be cPRIME’s first consumable products. Distributors will be able to purchase products at a wholesale cost. Visit if you are interested in getting involved as a cPRIME distributor.

cPRIME Rolls Out Double Pay for Distributors

cPRIME announced double pay for distributors for the pay periods of Sept. 12-18 and Sept. 19-25. Any commissions and bonuses will be doubled for these two weeks. The promotion includes the Performance Pack and the Lifestyle pack options in the Get 3 Yours is Free promotion. cPRIME distributors can earn double their money back with these packs when they get three other distributors to buy them for their own inventory or their own collection.

This double pay promotion leads up to the release of new
cPRIME products in the last few months of 2011 and the launch of business in several international markets.

cPRIME Parters with Rascal Flatts, Gary LeVox for Special Promotion

cPRIME Gary LeVox Band PromocPRIME continues to offer its field of independent distributors opportunities for prizes and unique experiences. The latest is tied to the new cPRIME Gary LeVox Signature Bands that released in August. Gary is the lead singer of the country music bad Rascal Flatts – one of the most successful bands of all time.

The promotion is based on the number of bands distributors buy or sell. The grand prize includes airfare to a Rascal Flatts concert, a behind-the-scenes look at life on the road with the band, and an autographed photo. Other distributors can win concert tickets, cPRIME Gary LeVox bands and autographed photos.

This is the second promotion with the new signature series bands. The first is a similar opportunity with Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and his cPRIME D12 bands. The company continues to offer distributors unique incentives and experiences with its unpaid endorsers like LeVox and Howard. More products and opportunities will release in the future.

cPRIME Releases Gary LeVox (of Rascal Flatts) Signature Band

Following its recent release of the Dwight Howard D12 Signature Band, cPRIME announced on Thursday the new cPRIME Gary LeVox Signature Band. Gary is the lead singer of superstar country music band, Rascal Flatts. He has been a cPRIME supporter and wearer for months and has even participated in marketing pieces with the company.

The LeVox Signature Band currently comes in Red/White and White/Red color combinations. Like the BURN band, it is made of silicone and also comes in the same five sizes as the BURN: small, medium, medium/large, large and x-large. It features the same patent-pending antenna array technology as other cPRIME bracelets. Shop for the Gary LeVox cPRIME Signature Band and other products at

cPRIME Gary LeVox

Unboxing the cPRIME Dwight Howard D12 bands

The new cPRIME Dwight Howard D12 bands just released and I review two of them in this video – the Charcoal/Ice Blue and the Ice Blue/Frost colors.

Be Dwight Howard’s Guest at Magic Game with cPRIME D12 Contest

cPRIME is giving distributors a chance to be Dwight Howard’s guest at an Orlando Magic game. The top two distributors who sell the most Dwight Howard D12 bands will win round-trip airfare, an autographed jersey, autographed basketball, autographed shoes and a ticket to an Orlando Magic game.

The new D12 bands come in five colors and feature Dwight’s D12 logo and his signature. These are the first in cPRIME’s new Signature Series line. Dwight was the 2010-11 NBA Defensive Player of the Year and is a five-time All-Star. He is just 25 years old. Dwight wore cPRIME bands the entire season and has been one of the company’s many unpaid endorsers among pro athletes.

For more on the cPRIME Dwight Howard D12 bands, go to