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Join the Evolv e84 Challenge. cPRIME Bracelets and Bands are designed to help you perform at your best, and look great at the same time. Choose from NEO, BURN or Signature Bands. Look better and feel better with EvolvHealth and cPRIME. Earn an income selling cPRIME and sharing cPRIME Bracelets and Bands.

What’s New?

cPRIME Partners with the National Rifle Association (NRA) to produce a line of new camo cPRIME bracelets perfect for the hunter or sportsman/sportswoman. There is the regular NEW camo/orange, pink camo Ladies NEO and the black camo BURN band. Limited quantities available.


Start Your Evolv Business

A fun, duplicatable system that really works is in place to help you start your Evolv business. Earn money sharing Evolv products and cPRIME bracelets, and earn residual income helping others do the same.

Promote the e84 Challenge, helping people reach their peak wellness potential. Lose weight and get healthy!
Evolv Distributor Support:
1. Weekly training, opportunity and update calls.
2. Personal marketing website with shopping cart.
3. Duplicatable system with the Evolv e84 Challenge.
4. cPRIME Non-paid athlete/celebrity endorsements.

What is cPRIME?

What is cPRIME? How does the technology work? Who wears cPRIME? Watch the short video below to find out!

5 Reasons to Join cPRIME

cPRIME is a unique ground-floor opportunity to start your own successful business. It's easy to get started and work with a team that will teach you how to succeed. Here are 5 reasons to join cPRIME:

1. Be your own boss.
2. Work at your own pace.
3. Share a unique product to benefit people's lives.
4. Earn a residual income.
5. Help other people discover financial success.

Contact me today to find out how to get started. Read about the c PRIME Opportunity here.

Residual Income vs. Active Income

The vast majority of people make active income, which is essentially trading hours for dollars. The problem with this is there is always a ceiling to how much you can make, and you are not in control of that ceiling. If you lose your job, the money stops coming in.

Residual income is earning money off of work you have done one time. Think of a song writer who writes a song and earns money every time someone records the song or a production company uses it in a movie. cPRIME Distributors can earn residual income by helping other distributors grow their business.

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